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Announcement on Formally Issuing the List of Companies Listed on Innovation Tier in 2019
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NEEQ Bulletin〔2019〕856


According to the "Measures for the Market Tier-Based Administration of Companies Listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Tier-Based Administration Measures"), and in combination with the handling of dissents after the publicity of the preliminary list, The NEEQ has completed its screening work of innovative listed companies. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:


I. According to the verification of dissents, 10 listed companies such as Shanghai Yide Medical Technology Co., Ltd. meet the requirements of Tier-Based Administration Measure which will be adjusted to Innovation Tier.

2. Three listed companies, such as Shanghai Baiao Technology Co., Ltd. etc., failed to meet the CG requirements or voluntarily waived its rights of entering Innovation Tier, according to the provisions of the Tier-Based Administration Measures, shall be removed from the list.

3. A total of 698 listed companies meet the criteria for Innovative Tier (see annex for a detailed list).


Begin from May 27, 2019, NEEQ shall officially adjust market tiers, and reveal the securities transfer quotation and information disclosure documents of the innovative tiers and the basic tiers respectively. Please all host securities dealers, information dealers and other market participants attach great importance to it and report to the NEEQ in time in case of any important situation.



The List of Companies Listed on Innovation Tier in 2019

National Equities Exchange and Quotations Corporation Limited

May 24, 2019